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International Humanitarian Hope Society (IHHS) started in 1996 under the vision of Evelyn Picklyk. Evelyn is a wife, mother and grandmother and she has an incredible dream to help change the lives of orphans around the world.

Presently she is working with orphanages in 7 countries. She continues her humanitarian work year after year which includes visiting each  orphanage every 1-2 years. Our work continues to expand year after year.

Thank you for considering IHHS in your contributions.  We can make a difference – ONE LIFE AT A TIME!

Evelyn Picklyk



IHHS Newsletter Fall 2012

IHHS Newsletter 2015

IHHS Newsletter 2017

IHHS Newsletter 2017-2018


Evelyn Picklyk, Founder and President of IHHS
Andrea Critchley
Sarah Ma, treasurer
Guillaume Gauvain, secretary
Janette Luttman
Alisa Cool


Andrew Picklyk
John Luttman
Bruce Ma

I really appreciate these people who serve on the Board of IHHS and travel with me or are supportive in many ways to the work we are doing. With such a great group of support, we can make great progress in our work to help the less fortunate.  Thank you to all the Directors who serve without receiving renumeration.

Evelyn Picklyk