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Center of Hope #2



This home is further north of Center of Hope #1… located in a very remote area in the Forrest.  This home has over 100 children ages 2-12 who each have a survival story to tell.  Many came from abuse situations and are now in a very loving home environment.  The children speak English and are educated. They love to sing and recite scriptures.  They performed for our team!
As we toured the grounds at this home, we saw needs. There were no washrooms, or shower facilities.  The children were showered by being hosed off and the make-shift toilet was in great need.  We immediately took on this project.  The cost is $10,000cad which will give showers, proper toilets and a septic field.
We also noticed that the children share one teddy bear, (you can imagine what that one teddy bear looked like) so we gather funds to get each child a teddy bear for Christmas.
We cannot do everything but we can do something to give these precious children  a future. Thank you for helping us reach many more children who need hope.