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Bethel Children’s Home



Located on the outskirts of Beijing, Bethel Children’s Home is for visually impaired and blind children. This amazing home gives each child a “family experience” that is so unique to Bethel Children’s Home. Their plan is to open a blind orphanage and clinic in each province of China – total of 33. These happy children, are being well cared for, and educated and frequently appear on China Central Television (CCT). In 2012, we were able to start the 6th orphanage in the province of Henan, providing start up fees of $25,000 cad. When this home opened, they estimated 30-50 children and on opening day had 160 children. We will continue to help with the expansion of this net- work of homes as they develop in the country of China.


Urgent Needs – China

The blind orphanages in Beijing, need monthly sponsorship for the blind children.
Please look at this website and see the amazing things this home is accomplishing. We are thrilled to be part of this great work in the Beijing area serving hundreds of children – with 12 millions visually impaired people in China, this shows home proves great success with the blind.

We also need monthly support for the orphanage in southern china, which houses 39 physically and mentally challenged children. This is an amazing home – The Bright Connection – we have been working closely with this home for a number of years, and the home is in need of food, as well as medical care for the children – consider adopting this home on a monthly basis.


Dear friends of Bethel!

Here is some news from China (written by Anna):

We have had a couple of really busy months!

Two of our children have been adopted and are now living with their families in the US. We are so happy for Asher (previously Lele) and Priscilla (Peng Peng).

a boy in the arms of his mom.

a boy rides a plastic ponny.

One of our children in our Zhengzhou project has been reunited with her birth family and they are now a part of Bethel’s outreach program for early intervention. Raising a child with special needs in China can be a difficult, lonely journey. We are so proud of this family for their bravery and we are thrilled to offer them our support! This is an incredible victory for Bethel China. For many years we have cared for children with blindness but we have always been proactive about going after the root of the problem: supporting families who feel they cannot keep a child who is blind. So we are thrilled that after all the trainings and reaching out, this is the first family who changes its mind. We hope it’s the start of a change of this stigma that in China, where families feel they just cannot cope with raising a child with a disability. Way to go China Team!!!

a little baby boy.

Our kids celebrated Easter by dressing up as chickens and participating in a scavenger hunt to look for chocolate eggs. Chocolate is a great motivation for them to practice their orientation and mobility skills.

a group of kids.

Also, now that the weather has started to warm up our children have started participating in hippotherapy sessions. We are so grateful they can receive these services. Hippotherapy not only includes riding the horses but also feeding them and brushing them. Our children love it!

a boy riding a horse.

a boy feeds the horse with carrot.

Also, some of our City Life children participated in an art workshop at Atelier, an art school in Beijing. Some volunteers made a video of the experience. See full video here.

a boy and a girl make handicrafts.

two boys make handicrafts.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our kids. Thank you for continuing to partner with us to support these children.

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Have a great day!

Guillaume and Bethel Team