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Grace Children’s Home

Africa, Kenya

Grace Care Home was established in 2007 after a tribal war. These children were left as orphans, when their parents will killed.
We have been working with this home since 2009 and have followed the developments as we visited each year.
The home is in desperate need of a new facility at a cost of $100,000.00
The building plans are ready to go. Funds are needed to make this dream come true.
We have assisted with many projects for this home… helping to finish the well. We put in a septic tank, paid overdue medical bills, and food bills, plus numerous other projects to help the children receive a good secure home and education.
This home is under the directorship of Bishop Stephen Mwangi who also grew up in the slums, but today he is giving back to the less fortunate.
Mama Regina and her husband George, are the guardians of the children.  They do an exceptional job at making life in the slums, a joyful place for the children.

Could you consider this project…tax deductible receipts are available for any funds given through IHHS!

This home is located in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and we’ve been supporting them for the past 3 years. The orphanage has 68 children and they also have a day school for 150 children. We have helped with school curriculum’s, septic tank, finished a well, paid overdue medical and food bills, etc. Presently the urgent need is to complete the medical clinic. We have taken hundreds of pounds of dried soup mix to feed the orphans and school children. This home is an “oasis in the desert” compared to the surroundings. Mr Mwangi, who himself, grew up in the slums, and today he is doing an outstanding work to change the slums, where he lives.

We have been involved in this home for the past 6 years and mama Regina has done a tremendous job at educating and raising these orphans from the slum mentality to being champions.  Everything they do, makes the children feel special and prepares them for secondary education and careers! These children have come out of a horrendous background of wars!
Could you consider this project in your charitable giving.
We consider this an urgent need!

Our school in the slums of Nairobi, LIGHTHOUSE ACADEMY, was chosen as the site of a pilot  project for a new innovative tablet for learning. The company, KIO, also received attention in the Forbes magazine.

The children were so excited about this opportunity to learn by this new technology.
This is solar operated, and comes with a rechargeable box where the tablets are charged each night. The new curriculum if loaded in the tablets each year automatically.  Whet a great invention.
After this pilot project, we raised funds to equip the school with 40 tablets, at a cost of $268cad per tablet.  We continue to raise funds so this school of 265 children, all being raised in the slums, can enjoy this new learning device.
Help us make a child’s dream come true.

In a scene not unlike classrooms around the world, the faces of 40 children glow from the light of their tablets as their teacher leads them through the morning’s lesson.

Except this happened yesterday inside a converted shipping container in a low-income area of Kenya, in a country where the price of such a basic tablet far outweighs the cost of sending a child to school. Even though Kenya has had free primary, public school education since 2003, the associated costs of textbooks and uniforms are high. Some public schools require children to bring their own desks at the beginning of the year, so the sight of small children carrying planks of wood to school is not uncommon.

Tablet technology might be commonplace in the developed world, but in emerging markets it’s simply too expensive.

However, the Lighthouse Grace Academy in Dagoretti, Nairobi, is part of a ground-breaking pilot programme for a new education initiative – founded and developed in Africa – that could provide the best new model for tech-based teaching in emerging markets.



BRCK Education was launched in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, today to address the country’s education problems, which include a lack of access to technology, inconsistent electricity supply, high mobile data costs, and lack of technological literacy by both teachers and learners.

The BRCK Kio Kit is a combination of the robust BRCK device, toughened tablets and an easy-to-use ruggedized suitcase that doubles as a charger when the tablets are stored. It has only one charging cable (as the tablets use wireless charging) and one on/off switch.

When turned on, it houses a web server or “micro-cloud” – or an offline version of the internet – providing the same kind of rich, interactive content provided by the web but without incurring expensive data costs. This is powered by the BRCK with an additional Raspberry Pi computer attached to it.