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The projects that we have assisted with in the past years, are as follows:

ThailandSome of the items we have purchased, are a washing machine, air conditioning, stove, deep freeze, playground equipment, picnic table and scooter, plus many more items of need. We continue to work with this orphanage in Thailand with other projects.

VietnamWe have two orphanages in Vietnam. We presently have been helping the one orphanage with food. That was their greatest need. The cost is approx $ 150cad a month. This is an ongoing need for this home with very young children and the other orphanage is located in the slums of Ho Chi Minh City. We have assisted this home with a number of pressing needs including food and household equipment.

ChinaPresently we assist with 4 orphanages/homes for children in the nation of China.
The physically and mentally challenged home in southern China, has had many pressing needs. We have assisted with rehabilitation equipment, beds, food, toys, and many other needs present when we arrived. We will be visiting this home again this year. We assist two orphanages in a small village in south-west China. Some of the needs of this orphanage has been, food, transportation, clothing, and we took food supplements and vitamins to these children. At times we can take goods that are needed and most of the time, we purchase the goods at destination. The airlines limit the amount of luggage we can take, therefore we need financial assistance for these homes. The purchases are done through myself or my team member. Each time, we have come, and it has been so  timely, and we were able to come with help for their urgent need.

The Blind Home in Beijing is another great work of Love. This is the largest Blind Children’s home in China.  There are many needs here. We assisted with fridges and stoves for the children’s homes. They have a concept of 6-8 children per home with a house mother, and each home is fully equipped to give the children a “loving home atmosphere”. This Children’s Home would like to put up a medical clinic where doctors can come and assist with medical needs for the blind. There are over 12 million visually impaired people in China and very little help for their visual needs.  We assisted with the start-up fees for an orphanage and clinic in Henan Province.

Our orphanage in the slums of Nairobi, has gripped our hearts. When we arrived, the sewer was running everywhere and the children we sick. We immediately purchased a septic tank and had that installed.  The well was half dug, and we raised the $ 2500CAD to finish this project.  We were able to assist with paying the medical and food bills for this home. Then we purchased bedding and helped with the children in their sleeping quarters.  These children are very happy children and this orphanage has a high standard of quality. Education is   an on-going need and books are always needed. We will be returning to this home again next year. We will take a volunteer group as well.

Thank you for your interest  — remember that we cannot do everything but we can do something when we all work together for THE CAUSE!

Please make cheques payable to:
International Humanitarian Hope Society
PO Box 1084
Kamloops, British Columbia
Canada V2C 6H2

International Humanitarian Hope Society receives your gifts for the purposes identified in our appeals.  However, if the projects for which the gifts are being received, has been fully funded – or cannot be completed for reasons beyond our control, the directors of IHHS reserve the right to use such funds for other similar projects.
Evelyn Picklyk, President/Founder

A tax-deductible receipt will be given for all donations.

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